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Help Tafani

My friend Eric Debussy, BKA Tafani, is a founding member of the funky French brass band Ceux Qui Marchent Debout. He’s my drummer whenever I play in Paris. If you saw CQMD on their 1999 or their 2004 US tours, you saw him play, and if you listened to the last 5 years of my radio show on ‘OZ, I’m sure you heard me wearing out the hilarious CQMD song “Mayonnaise” which features Tafani rapping, en Francais

On November 13th, he took his son to see Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan. As we all know, this was one of the sites of the ISIS attack. Tafani was shot, and a bullet went through his left shoulder.

He is in an army hospital. This is France, so it’s not a “Walter Reed” situation. He has undergone two operations and has two to go. Again, this is France with socialized medicine, so he’s not going to be bankrupt getting the medical attention he needs. I asked him how it felt to be surrounded by military guys, and he laughed and said it’s fine. They are very professional and he’s happy to be alive.

He is going to need therapy and rehabilitation on his shoulder, and the doctors estimate it will be one or two years before he can play drums again. That means one to two years before he can go back to work.

Tafani is a musician. He does not come from money, and he leads a simple life. I don’t know what kind of welfare or stipend, if any, he’ll be getting while he recovers. It’s not my place to ask.

I am taking up a collection for Tafani. I will deposit 100% of what I raise here into his bank account on January 14th, the day he is released from the hospital.

If you want me to share your name I will, but I will not tell him amounts. Also, I am hoping to make this a surprise, so shhhhhhh, please.

Any little bit helps.


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